Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interior Designing Ideas for making your Living Room Blue and White Colour

With the application of blue & white combination, you will create relaxing and soothing effects to your room. This sort of color combination always necessitates considering other items too that exist in your room like the chairs, desks, furnitures, family photo frames hanging on walls, etc. The primary color theme in fact is white & blue, however, to make them livelier, it’s essential to deem the color-palette, spacing and placement of other items. Also the indirect lamp fixed on ceiling with the yellowish light enhances the coolness and warmth of your room which is a part of blue and white living room interior design ideas.

But for living room, just pay close attention to where you need to place your sofa. For instance, an L-shaped, white sofa goes well with the double-coffee table placed on either sides that gives your room a cosier look.

So, just give a thought to blue and white living room interior design ideas and become inspired.

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