Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Interior Decoration with Imitation Granite

Of course, we have already known about granite. This nature material has luxurious and elegant appearance, really beautiful for house interior complement. Granite is sturdy and endures of scratches, so this material very popular, but the proce is so expensive, make we re-think to use it.

Right now, there is substitution material for granite, still beautiful like original granite. This material known as Solid Surface. Named solid surface maybe because it dense and does not has holes. This imitation granite is a result of polyester resin and acrylic and also certain minerals mixing processing so become sheet 80 cm x 300 cm with 9 mm and 12 mm of thickness.

Solid surface is more flexible. Because not as hard as real granite, it can be processed become curve form. It has various function from table top cover, counter table cover, wall panels, kitchen set cover, column layered, until bathroom element. This material is not porous, so there is no space for bacterial growth. But solid surface is not endured from scratches.

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