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Style Bedroom Wall Sticker

We all know that a cool wall sticker can change the whole look of a room, and a great example is the beautiful bedroom wall sticker. I’m a big fan of wall stickers, and today I’ve found a really interesting one that would look great in any bedroom, just check out this bedroom wall sticker picture. Of course if you want to be original you can take this wall sticker picture as an example and put your creativity to work, and come with something better


Minimalist garden design

How minimalist design for the home garden?
Park home owners increasingly become the status symbol. Mix & match style house with a garden can produce a unique look and increasingly reflects the owner.

At present, the park houses not only as a mere supplement, but it's getting just as important as architecture and interiors. Even for some people has become a symbol of prestige. The better someone's home garden arrangement, reflecting the social class of owners.

Park in your house. Same personal with home design. It is expected that the design reflects not only personal but also supports the home owner activity and the needs of residents of the space. From the head of the family, wife to the kids.

For example, one of the lifestyle trend now is to hold a garden party with a barbeque in the evening or late afternoon. Of course, we will gladly run this program when we garden with good design, especially at night.

If we have children who are active. Obviously need a roomy place to play. Garden elements such as swings and play ground equipment that other children can we match the garden design.

Certainly many aspects that must be taken into account in designing the park. Although we do get help from the landscaper, still we must pay attention to the important aspects in the design of the park, namely: expansion of existing parks, activities shall be accommodated in the park, the harmony of gardens with buildings.

Like architecture, garden design known in a variety of gardens. What is the type of garden? There are various types of parks are generally known. Distinguished by the cultural background and geographical origin of the development of the park. Differences in composition and animating characters that used the park.

There are so many types of garden that a traditional cultural background and geographical. There's Japanese garden, china garden, garden french, American, English, tropical Bali, a tropical Thailand and Japan, there is a growing garden suitable times, such as garden modern, minimalist and dry garden. Each type reflects a strong character and have different effects lover.

That one architectural style developed today are minimalist. This style emerged after World War II. Nowhere on Those days lots of people's houses destroyed by the war so That the government make a home in modular form (Standard and Poor 'in Aceh now), WHO is easy and cheap workmanship but still with the design well. Key features of this building is a simple form, without ornament and emphasis on function space.

Simple and without ornament is suitable to the spirit and lifestyle during this period. Simple and emphasis on function. Unfortunately in Indonesia, this minimalist style so expensive because it is not made of modules that are available and must be custom made.

Distinctive minimalist building is at least ornament and color who tend to be styled 'industry' is a white, gray and black.

Houses do not have minimalism minimalist garden as well. Mix & match (solid-match) of the various garden-style residential homes can make you look more stylish.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Home Interior Design With Wood

interior design with wood materials. Minimalist design in the house

Decorating With Mirrors

Coastal Living Designer Jill Johnson; Photographer Grey Crawford

Mirrors can be a great way to expand a space, add interest, make a statement, reflect light or a great view and generally add sparkle. Here are some ideas for incorporating mirrors into your space...

Designer Jeffrey Billhuber layered an antique mirror over the window for use with this floating dressing table.

Architectural Digest Photo: Peter Vanderwarker

Stylist and designer Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo of ABCD Design created this huge dramatic wall with black paint and 48 rectangular mirrors (via Canadian House and Home)

Framed mirrors also make a dramatic statement in this bedroom...

Coastal Living Photo: Jean-Philippe Piter

House Beautiful photo credit: Lisa Cregan

Designer Vincent Wolf likes using massive, over-scaled mirrors leaning against walls, as you can see in the bedrooms he designed above and below. This is some of what he told House Beautiful about that. "It's taking an architectural approach to a decorative object — like cutting open a wall onto a space beyond. It's also more casual and interesting to lean something than to hang it. Once a mirror is hung, it's isolated on the wall. But when it leans, the floor runs right into the glass."

I love the idea of layering mirrors like designer Mary McGee did in her living room. You could also just layer a great frame over a mirror and it would work just as well.

House Beautiful Photo: Miguel Flores Vianna

The mirror used in this bedroom designed by Gary McBourne (House Beautiful - Photo: James Merrell) was too small so they added what Gary calls a "sash" to give it scale. I'll admit that, even though this room is beautifully designed, it isn't my style but that doesn't matter. The basic idea can be used in any room from casual to formal and contemporary to traditional and there are a variety of items (fabric, ribbon, rope, etc.) you could use to make your "sash". Just hang the mirror on the wall and then attach the "sash" to the back of the mirror and the hook.

In this Coastal Living idea house they mirrored the doors of this dual vanity which draws your eye to the detail. (Photo: Tria Giovan)

This is much more subtle but these vanity doors and drawers are also mirrored.

Coastal Living Photo Dominique Vorillon

Mirrored night stands are so pretty, aren't they?

The next four images are from Homes and Gardens. You can see the rest of their slideshow, How to Decorate Using Mirrors, on their site. (Photos: Carolyn Barber)

Displaying a variety of mirrors on ledges is a creative and fun idea to punch up your space.

Adding mirrors to an armoire in a bedroom is a great idea, especially if you're short on space to add one anywhere else.

Reflective drum shades could be stunning in the right space!

Using a mercury glass mat for a centerpiece. I've used a framed mirror in the same way in the past, which also works well.

Just for fun... Can you tell what this frame is made from? I'm sure you probably can. Colored plastic spoons! :-) Country Living

Cute tennis racket mirrors from Country Living. Imagine how many different things you could repurpose as mirrors once you start thinking outside the box...

Hmmm... Any ideas on how I can get my mirror to reflect the same view that this mirror is reflecting? :-)

myhomeideas Photo Keith Scott Morton

If you're interested in more inspiration for decorating with mirrors, check out the mirror image post that I did back in August.

Window Backed Kitchen Cabinets

When I saw Nicole and Andrew Sheehan's kitchen in this month's Traditional Home magazine (photographer: Werner Straube), I was immediately in LOVE with the window backed kitchen cabinets. (The photo in the actual magazine is more of a close up of the cabinets so you can see how amazing they really are.)

Unfortunately, if I did this in my kitchen it would only offer a view into the garage, the mudroom or the foyer, so it's not an option for me. What are your thoughts on the idea? Would it work for you?

You can see the rest of their home on the Traditional Home website.

Creative Decorating for a Tuesday

Use two (or three) tablerunners horizontally across a table. Gives you a different look and they can double as placemats.

So let's just say that it's Tuesday (because it is :-) ) and you're looking around your house wondering what little thing you could do today to shake up your decorating a bit. Just a little. Not much. Just something fun or different that you may not have tried before. The list of things you could do is actually unending, but here are some ideas...

If you've never layered art on your fireplace mantel, why not try it for a different look?...

If your artwork is too small, make it bigger by attaching a thin piece of painted wood to the back like Just A Girl did for her spring mantel...

Paint a chalkboard on a door...

Country Living Photo Keith Scott Morton

We've talked about painting the backs of bookshelves and papering the backs of bookshelves, but why not make it a little more interesting by doing a little of both and mixing up the patterns?...

Arrange your books by color...

Style At Home

Paint a funky mirror a fabulous color...

Add some lace to your favorite pillow...

Style At Home

Mix up your bar stools with different finishes or paint colors...

Style At Home

Update your family photos and make them a focal wall in one of your rooms or hallways...

Think outside the box on a new way to accessorize your dining room walls. This dining room wall would be a great one to use for inspiration!...

Photo by Michael Partenio via House Of Turquoise

Paint your front door a bold or just different color...

There was a question in the comments on my decorating with mirrors post on whether I knew how to make a new mirror look old. I actually didn't, but found some sources that do....

e-how article How Do I Faux Antique a Mirror? How to Antique a Mirror How To Distress a Mirror

Have an awesome day!

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Desain Rumah Minimalis-Interior minimalis

Desain Rumah Minimalis-Interior minimalis
Desain Rumah Minimalis-Interior minimalis

picture above is a desain rumah minimalis rumah kecil 2007 design that cool, but cool for the model fitted with a model of young people today, making the driver more comfortable, more comfortable bike on the see and of course many women who are interested in you when you're on a desain rumah minimalis rumah kecil 2007 the following tutorials on all kinds of house ...:
how to design desain rumah minimalis rumah kecil 2007 not to be too extravagant ...?
how to design a tattoo drawing on our bikes ...!
how to make a cheap design that can be a dream ..!
The following is a desain rumah minimalis rumah kecil 2007 David Beckham ...!
Treatments at 5 desain rumah minimalis rumah kecil 2007 ...!
10 tips and tricks so that we can bike durable and not easily damaged ....!
8 new house models ...!
The following drugs for the virus that can kill the king that there was a virus on your computer ...!

Living Room Decoration - Living Room Design

Living Room Decoration, Living Room Design

This is design of the contemporary living room decoration, the floor uses wood material, there is an abstract painting on the wall, the room become more attractive with a unique hanging lamp.

Equip Your Bathroom Interior With Bathtub from Antonio Lupi

Bathroom  Interior

Bathroom Interior

Bathroom Interior

We will feel we felt at home in the bathroom, if we had the beautiful bathroom Interior, a design bathub from antonio lupi gave comfort to you when you were bathing, spoiled yourself with this bathtub.

Evenly Balanced Living Room Interior Design

Evenly Balanced Living Room  Interior Design, Elegant Living Room Decoration

Evenly Balanced Living Room Interior Design

Decorate Dining Room Ideas

Decorate Dining Room Ideas

A Interest of the Decorate Dining Room Ideas, the chair potition surround of the table, The part on the table used glasses material.

Kreaty Table Retro Minimalist Dining Furniture

Kreaty Table Retro  Minimalist Dining Furniture

Kreaty Table Retro Minimalist Dining Furniture

Modern Resort Vila near the coast

Modern Resort Vila near the coast

Kitchen Interior Design

Kitchen Interior Design

Black White Interior Design Living Room

Home Theater Interior Design

Home Theater Interior Design

Home Theater Interior Design

Interior Design Ideas For a Living Room

A living-room serves as the main room of the house; it serves as a multi-purpose room, which can be used for entertaining guests, to relax or retire at night and read a book, to watch a movie or TV, listen to music and much more. When playing the prime role in the house, a living-room needs to give the impression of a trendy, up-to-date yet extremely comfortable living space.

A living-room plays a number of roles, serving from an in-home movie theatre to a study room, but the most significant role played by a living-room is that of a TV lounge. This is the reason why, most of the time, the main focus while refurbishing a living-room is kept on the television - its position in the living room, the placement of the sofas or couches opposite to it and other aspects regarding the television. This is good if one considers the living-room solely a TV lounge. If a living-room is used as a multi-functional span then before setting it up, every single aspect of the room is to be taken in.
coompax-digital magazine