Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Unique 6 Level Chale Interior Design

Here is the Unique Architectural design of The 6 Level Chalet in Vernier, Switzerland. The Chalet Interior design is Beautifully appointed in a tasteful mix of French Art Deco, Italian & traditional Swiss design, this stunning “stage” can be set to fulfill any number of visual needs. This unique 6-level Chalet may also be privately rented by the week for up to 18 guests. Take a look for some inspirational picture of the Chalet Interior Design such as the contemporary living room, Classics mini bar, stone fireplaces, contemporary bedroom, Professional chef’s kitchen, Asian-oriental bathroom, and also the modern indoor swimming pool design, hope you will gets an Inspiration from it.

Unique 6 Level Chalet Architectural
The Unique 6 Level Chale Interior Design

Unique 6 Level Chalet Living Room Design
The Unique 6 Level Chale Interior Design

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