Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the Antique Kitchen Cabinets for interior design

The kitchen is one place in the house where people, particularly women, spend a lot of time. With this, and the fact that it provides us with one of the essence of life - food, it is only justified that the room will be made to look warm and inviting as possible. One way to do this is to transfer the old and tired look in your kitchen. In your case it will follow the old-looking kitchen decor, be sure to pay attention because the closet, too, because they are an important part of the decoration in general.

Can be part of the old decorations or not, old-fashioned cabinets that will be used to give the kitchen a unique look, setting it apart from all other styles. There is no shortage of style when it comes to your kitchen decor with antique cupboards, especially with so many options available in the furniture market. However, if you do not want to spend too much money in the kitchen cabinets are encouraged to make an existing look old and tired. This task is relatively easy and cost little money. In the following lines, we will notify you of the main procedures to add the ancient to your kitchen cabinets.

Enter your Antique Cabinet View

One of the most popular method of transferring to view antiques including kitchen cabinets are dirty. For this purpose, you will need to have a dark stain, brush or sponge and lots of paper towels. First, you should really clean your closet, make sure no dust stick to the argument. Now, with the help of a brush / sponge, use a light coat of stain on one part of the cabinet. Before the stain dry, ranging from paper towels to dry, until you reach the desired level 'antiqueness. Repeat the process in other areas a good cabinet, especially around the edges and links.

Another popular method of antiquing cabinet called alarming. This method works only on painted cabinets. Sadly, the cabinet will be made to look tired because it will be years more percent. You need to have a bit of sandpaper for this purpose. Sand finished first in the area of the cabinet will most likely be worn out with use, said the suburbs and closed, until the time you have seen only a thin layer of wood underneath. For general wear to look down, you can sand the center of the cabinet as well.

Another method
Two further approaches can be used to view antique kitchen cabinets, painting a false picture and clicking. The first includes two types of paint, while the latter contains only one. However, this method is better left to professionals.

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