Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Interior Design of Northwest Peach Farm Residence

Here is the Northwest Peach Farm Residence located in East Hampton, NY, USA which is designed by Bates Masai Architects. They was complete the design objective to make the Multiple paths and hallways connect each destination, further increasing variety. Finally, each detail and custom furnishing is designed to make mundane rituals into thoughtful events. For example, in the kitchen, rolling cutting boards ride in tracks down the long island, turning meal preparation into an assembly line for everyone’s participation. Those not cooking can make a selection from the wine room where the bottles cast a pattern of shadows through a glazed wall into the main entrance. The dining table can be configured for the evening: stainless steel tubes running the length of the table can be rotated to reveal candle holders, flower vase holders, or flat surfaces for hot dishes. In the parents’ master closet, hidden steel hooks pivot up from the mahogany bench to hang the day’s outfit choices.

Northwest Peach Farm Residence Living Room Design
New Interior Design of Northwest Peach Farm Residence

The Owners wanted this Living room to be a gathering place for their family, full of memories for generations to come. Thus the materials were chosen not only for durability but also for their gradual changes over many years. The copper siding and roofing will slowly turn green as the weathering limestone becomes darker. However, the window system will stand the test of time unchanged. An English company has manufactured the same industrial steel windows for over 150 years and many early examples are still in tact. A geothermal heating and cooling system, green roofs, organic finishes, and triple glazed windows will minimize the structure’s environmental impact over the generations.

Northwest Peach Farm Residence Bedroom Design
New Interior Design of Northwest Peach Farm Residence

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