Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glamour Home Decor Gifts

In search of an inexpensive housewarming gift? Are you planning to give home accessories for friends who are about to tie the knot? If you’ve begun to realize that the new ceiling fan you’ve just bought for your neighbor appears to be a prime candidate for regifting, we’re here to provide some cheap home decoration gift ideas which may just be worth your while.

Table Accents

Tables offer great flexibility when it comes to decorating. For dining tables, metal fruit baskets and wicker bread trays are excellent storage accessories that offer great decorative value. Pillar candle holders and cheap glass vases are excellent for coffee tables and consoles in living rooms and lobbies. The list for unique yet inexpensive table accents can go on and on. As with any room interior, the key is to match your d├ęcor with current furniture theme.

Wall Decorations

In lieu of expensive paintings, items like wrought iron decorations and full sized mirrors offer practical alternatives for both traditional and contemporary room designs. Sandstone wall decorations make great accents for both modern living room interiors and Asian garden themes. For contemporary walls, you may want to try to infuse a bit of African art by hanging decorative tribal masks.

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