Saturday, February 20, 2010

Unique Bed Interior Design

I love the unique look, at first glance the bed looks very cool! At second glance the bed realized that it is give positive energy. Unique Bed give more unique feeling and make it feels unique comfortable when you lie down on it.

Canopy Bed

Unique Bed Interior Design

If looking for a modern avatar of canopy beds, then nothing better than “Float” would fit your expectations. The cradle-form of the bed is an inspiring innovation from Okooko, a three-month-young company engaged in producing eco-friendly mattress and bedroom-furniture. Each design produced by the brand is unbeatable. This unique bed is a blissful creation from a New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge.via..

Unique Rattan Bed

Unique Bed Interior Design

The Rattan bed is in contact with the earth through gravity, the rattan Bed overcomes this fundamental power and back to nature.

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