Sunday, December 20, 2009

Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets

17 Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets – Piaf by Foster

We’d like to show you a Piaf collection by an Italian company Foster. The Piaf is a collection of modern bathroom furniture, which is presented in large finish and color selections. This furniture fits to any contemporary bathroom. It is a quite elegant and modern at the same time. Although it isn’t too minimalist or futuristic and could be perfectly adaptable to usual apartments too. There are furniture solutions as for big bathroom as for small ones available. The furniture a little changes its style depends of chosen color. For example in contrasting black and white color scheme it looks quite sober and refine. From the other side a combination of white top and wood cabinets could create a light and warm atmosphere. Besides a lot of bright bathroom cabinets could be perfectly added your bathroom to make it more cool and fresh. Almost everyone could find model, which will be right for his own taste and style. More information about all these modern bathroom furniture sets you could find on Foster site.


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